Laurent Remels - Curriculum Vitae

Projects’ details  Most relevant projects are listed below, in chronological order, the nearest first: Project: Customer: Own roles: OTT video platform Freecaster Product Owner. Agile evangelist Pitch ​ : ​ Freecaster wanted to replace his historical video platform. A brand new platform has to be built with high expectations : a built-in modularity to meet the business needs of sectors as different as haute couture, music festivals, institutions or television channels; performance and scalability, decoupled architecture for flexibility, recent and reliable frameworks for sustainability. Tech ​ : Backend with PHP 7 Laravel Framework, OpenAPI standard. Frontend with VueJS. Devops (Git, Drone, Docker). Achievements ​ : Product Owner for new platform project. Setting up agile SCRUM methodology within a team with no or little experience with this approach. Organisation of QA with TestRail. Project: Customer: Own roles: B2C e-commerce fully integrated with Odoo Autrement Dit Vins (Wine retailer) eBusiness expert. Project manager. Odoo front-end development Pitch ​ : ​ Existing B2C e-Commerce was not returning expected results. After context analysis we propose a mid-term vision for project evolution and a short term action plan. The short term plan focused on an improved product presentation, including highlight of periodic offers and a thorough e-Commerce interface refactoring for an important UX enhancement. Tech ​ : All Odoo implementation. New front-end theme development. Python, Qweb templating, Xml, Xsl, Html, JS Achievements ​ : Advice and design the solution, mockup for customer, write specifications for developers, coordinate work, control quality, planning and budget. Laurent REMELS Mobile / WhatsApp: +32 476 441 459 Skype : lremels Curriculum Vitae - 2020-01-09 4/12